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Av. México No. 188, Col. Condesa

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Urbn Hotel Condesa ★★★★

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Urbn Hotel Condesa ofrece sofisticadas habitaciones y un increíble penthouse, rodeado de elegancia, modernidad y lujo, un refugio en el corazón de la ciudad mas grande del planeta. En las habitaciones podemos admirar distintas tonalidades de tonos chocolate ofreciendo una atmósfera de tranquilidad y descanso total. Sabanas de algodón de 300 hilos y mueblería de nogal especialmente diseñada, internet inalámbrico, pantallas LCD, reloj despertador, minibar, cajas de seguridad, teléfonos VoIP entre otras. Urbn Hotel Condesa cuenta con servicio de lavandería y tintorería, valet parking,room service y concierge, acceso al gimnasio Qi, un moderno y elegante lugar para ejercitarte con un servicio excelente de spa. Además del Restaurante TONBO cocina fusión ( mexicana-asiatica) en el interior del hotel, un animado bistro que ofrece sabores de los mejores chefs de México y el extranjero. Experimentarás una fusión entre el pasado y la nueva Ciudad de México ofreciendo un encanto Boutique y vida HIP . En Tonbo creemos firmemente en la utilizacion de tecnicas simples, para crear y ofrecer una propuesta culinaria sin pretension, llena de sabores y sensaciones que un platillo puede representar a primera instancia, garantizando total satisfaccion al comensal.

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28 mar 2013

Este hotel de pocas habitaciones, esta ubicado en el corazón de la Condesa en México, Df. Es un edificio Art deco rescatado, que forma parte del patrimonio arquitectónico de la zona y que refleja el esplendor de la época de los años 20 en la capital del País. Para quienes tengan la oportunidad de hospedarse en este hotel; experimentarán el contraste de la arquitectura antigua, con el confort y lujo del interiorismo contemporáneos. Si bien es cierto que el hotel es pequeño y solo cuenta con un restaurante con pocas mesas; su cocina es de excelente calidad. Sin embargo no hay que olvidar que otra cualidad de éste, es que a pocos pasos encontrarán los mejores restaurantes de la ciudad, siendo una colonia con las actividades de vida nocturna trendy en México Df. Para aquellos acostumbrados a los servicios All Inclusive, este no es el hotel correcto, pues se llevarán una gran decepción; en cambio, quienes valoren y gusten del diseño y la arquitectura, estoy seguro que tendrán una estancia grata y confortable.
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8.8 puntos


05 jul 2010

Un hotel realmente increible , en una zona privilegiada de la condesa , el nuevo restaurante Tonbo exquisito , muy buenos precios y un excelente servicio! Quiero regresar a este hotel
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03 feb 2010

I had managed to bag one of the 'Barack Obama Special Rates' on expedia so my review is likely a bit biased by the unbelievable value of the rate we booked. The hotel is located in a nice area of Mexico City. Like all big cities some parts of Mexico can be intimidating but in my experience Condesa is a very nice neighbourhood and is generally clean and we did not feel intimidated at all, even when walking around after dark. There are some excellent bars and restaurants in the vicinity and we had an excellent meal and a few drinks without having to take a taxi anywhere else. We were quite badly jet-lagged so didn't really make the most of all the bars. The Hippodrome has a small bar downstairs which we didn't get a chance to try. Looks nice from a quick peek around the door. The music from the bar was quite loud and a bit bothersome, but it was generally quiet after midnight. I think it bothered us because we were jet-lagged and in bed by 9.30-10pm. If you want an early night this might be an issue for you. I saw some comments about a lack of hot water. This was not an issue at any point during our stay. We had very hot water and excellent water pressure in a big drench style shower. The best shower we had in Mexico in fact! The bathroom was small but well appointed and there were toiletries provided. The bedroom also was nicely designed and the bed was comfy and room cleaned daily. I didn't have an in-room safe which was a disappointment but the hotel offers a main safe. My preference is for the latter, especially in a country I do not know well. All in all we did not see any of the bad points that had been mentioned in some previous reviews. The hotel is comfortable, clean, in a great location and for the price we paid this was a 4* stay. If we were paying the rack rate that would drop to 3* in my opinion - nothing I can really fault but at the full-rate price bracket there is a lot of competition in the D.F.
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6.5 puntos


13 ene 2010

Before staying at the Hippodrome Hotel I did a search on and found lots of not so great reviews about the hotel. A friend had booked the hotel so i decided to stay and not change the booking but i soon found that all what was said here was true! For the 2 days we were there we had NO HOT WATER . They are nice people and I feel bad for them cause you can tell they were frustrated with the hot water situation but it seemed out of their control. I would not stay there if I were you. Too $$ for what you get. We decided to stay at the Hampton Suites (as recommended by Tripadvisor) and we were blown away by how cheap and great our rooms were..... but thats for another review.
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8.5 puntos


03 sep 2009

The Hippodrome Hotel is a nice small boutique hotel. The room is spacious and clean and trendy, but the bathroom is a little small. No air conditioning, but did not needed. My only concern was that at check-in they did not explain the features of the room, I had to find everything on my own. The surrounding area was great with a lot of restaurants. I can not complain with the price value I got. Overall nice hotel.
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8.5 puntos


20 jul 2009

First, as a previous reviewer indicated, I stayed here on the hard to believe cheap rate that they offered for a short time. It was worth that price but I would never pay the full price--too many better hotels in Mexico City for the same price or less. I am writing this while at the hotel. My main complaint is that they strive to be a four star but they miss many basics which they should never miss. One of my biggest complaints, as another reviewer mentioned, was the lack of any information in the about hotel specifics. The TV setup is a bit complex but nothing to explain it. The minibar was empty. Not a even a small bottle of water in the room--and when I ask, they gave me a tiny 330 ml bottle. Also, problems with the internet but it was finally fixed after they tried several passwords. I am not surprised with no a/c but they should put screens on the outside doors and windows. Also, one small fan in my room--a very cheap one, the sort one might buy at Walmart. The furniture is ok and functional however no place to put a suitcase while unpacking. And one thing missing that I have come to take for granted--a coffee maker. Its apparent the owners here have high aspirations but seem to be moving at a snails pace in acheiving them. I would only recommend if you can find a low rate. If paying the full rate, you can do much better in Mexico City.
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7.0 puntos


10 jun 2010

I have traveled extensively in the past few years and must say, the Hippodrome is the worst hotel I've ever stayed in. Problems included: the hallways are almost pitch black and it feels like you are walking through a dungeon; the rooms are not clean; the drain in my shower (the bathrooms actually LOOK nice) was clogged and I flooded my room; there were mosquitos the size of bats in my room and I couldn't sleep and probably have malaria now; and finally throughout the nice because of the building's dungeon like construction I could hear every sound made in the lower levels of the hotel as it resonated up the stone stairwell. In short, this place is awful. I don't know why you would own a hotel in a reasonably nice neighborhood and install topically "nice" bathroom fixtures and allow the guest experience to be some unbelievably terrible, but this place just sucks. I'm not sure what other options in MEX are like, but I'm sure there has to be something better...
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3.5 puntos

Ana Paola Rozo

20 oct 2010

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Servicios del Urbn Hotel Condesa

  • Servicios
    Servicio de Lavandería (con costo adicional), Valet Parking, Servicio de Tintorería (con costo adicional), Servicio de Habitación
  • Recreación
    Gimnasio, Centro de Negocios
  • Generales
    Internet Wi-fi en zonas comunes Gratis, Restaurante, Bar, Aire Acondicionado

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  • Horario de entrada
    15:00 hs
  • Horario de salida
    13:00 hs
  • Condiciones
    Algunas restricciones aplican, ver detalle en la página de pago.

Urbn Hotel Condesa - Av. México No. 188, Col. Condesa, Ciudad De México

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