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  • Dejavu Galleria dei Serpenti 0.7 km
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  • Mejor precio garantizado
  • Atención las 24 hs
  • Compra protegida
  • Pague en cuotas
  • Información Protegida
  • Aire Acondicionado
  • 5 noches - del 30 nov al 05 dic
  • $ 909

Como este establecimiento no es un hotel, sino una red de alojamiento más desayuno, la recepción funciona para diversos apartamentos. Por eso se recomienda encarecidamente informar al establecimiento de su hora de llegada unos días antes de llegar a Roma.

Servicios del B&b Chain Gallienus

  • Servicios
    Guardaequipajes (con costo adicional), Servicio de despertador, Admite Mascotas (con costo adicional), Recepción 24 hrs., Traslado aeropuerto (con costo adicional), Estacionamiento (con costo adicional), Servicio de Traslado (con costo adicional)
  • Generales
    Ascensor, Internet Wi-fi en zonas comunes (con costo adicional), Aire Acondicionado, Calefacción

Condiciones de Compra del B&b Chain Gallienus

  • Horario de entrada
    17:15 hs
  • Horario de salida
    17:15 hs
  • Condiciones
    Algunas restricciones aplican, ver detalle en la página de pago.
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04 ago 2011

Lo mejor: El personal muy amable
Lo peor: Nos cobraron por aire acondicionado y solo habia un ventilador.
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6.7 puntos

Hugo Juan Eusebio

14 jul 2011

Lo mejor: limpieza
Lo peor: dificil de encontrar, la calle no la conoce nadie,en el portero electrico figura un nombre y no el de la pension, hay varias pensiones en el mismo edificio, tardamos mas de 1 hora identificar el numero de piso para hospedarnos, no recomendable.
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Huésped verificado por
3.7 puntos

Pz S

03 feb 2013

Yo y mi novio estuvimos hace un par de semanas y aunque nos dirigieron a otro complejo de pisos del que citan en la reserva, he de decir que la habitacion era preciosa, el colchon perfecto y en frente de la estacion de tren. Los desayunos no estaban mal, un desayuno normal y corriente pero el cafe riquisimo. El unico inconveniente que diria es que durante la noche es bastante dificil conciliar el sue;o, ya que hay mucho ruido y bullicio fuera.
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8.8 puntos


20 feb 2011

Gallienus en realidad no es un alojamiento, sino que parece ser una cadena o asociación de alojamientos básicos. En el que estuvimos nosotros, no había demasiadas concesiones a grandes comodidades: en un quinto piso con un ascensor bastante pequeño (lo cual dificulta la entrada con maletas), habitación con pocos espacios libres, instalación eléctrica un poco desfasada. Al menos parecía un poco remodelado y daba el pego. Pero en realidad, no se podía esperar demasiado más por el precio pagado. Por cierto, la persona que nos atendió al llegar nos recomendó un sitio para cenar que era lamentable, así que ya no volvimos a preguntar más.
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6.0 puntos


23 jul 2013

Firstly arrived at the building to which had no sign or indication that it was the correct place, we then rang the number to which the man said he had given up the business two years ago, then we buzzed a few random buzzers and had a man come to the door. He said that vivianna would be there in 20 mins and to get our dinner and she would meet us in a restaurant. Considering we were very tired and with backpacks we just wanted to get to our room. We waited for another hour and she did not show so I rang her back and she did not understand. A boy then said to stay here for one night and move the next day to another place.(how did we know he actually worked for the chain?) When you have paid for accommodation you do not want to be trekking around the city in the middle of your journey. So we stayed at that location one night (the boy was very friendly). The next morning there was no sign of vivianna and we had to go looking for her, finally she took us to the next b&b which was in a unsafe area but the room was nice. All I can say is that the people are so disorganised and don't have a clue what is going on and the location next to termini is not the safest place and feels like you are in the ghetto. However the room and bathroom were nice.
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3.6 puntos


22 abr 2013

We finished our 3 night stay yesterday. We arrived 10:30pm on 18/04 near Termini station by airport shuttle from Ciapino (€4),eventually found our way to the reception building around 11pm, & bumped into Viviana & her colleague. They then lead us to our room, in Piccolo Principe which is just across the Termini... they were very nice & tried to have conversations but their English weren't very fluent. I think she said she tried to call me to tell me where the apartment is, but unfortunately my sim card was not working even though I had it on international roaming. Our room is typical B&B style, but nicely laid out. The sheets had a few stains & burn marks? on them but looked clean otherwise. I booked the triple room which had a double bed & a single, with exclusive bathroom which is located next to our room. The building itself was very safe. Major attractions are easily reached by metro or walking. The Termini area however, is not so safe. I knew when I booked on their website that I might be placed in a different building (within 500m) but I didn't realize it would be that far from reception. The streets around Termini smelt like pee and there were a decent amount of rubbish & graffiti. But I guess that's standard for back alleys in any city. My husband went out one night in a pub near McDonalds opposite the Termini, the last night before We head off to Barcelona, after 3 long days of discovering the city by foot. At around 2am, he got his wallet taken off him in that bar and when he asked for his wallet back, not the money, just the IDs, he was surrounded by 6 men & beaten up on the curb. I tried contacting our host but was pretty useless without a phone. She wasn't there the next day so we went to the police station ourselves. Termini police station told us to go to a different station & We finally found it at 12pm. After waiting for an officer for 30mins & a brief 2 min 'investigation ' We left with a police report. When We got back to our room at 1pm, Viviana still wasn't there, so We just left our keys & headed for the airport...   Luckily my husband is not seriously injured but We've learned the hard way so make sure you always stay somewhere with a contactable host / 24 hr reception...
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6.0 puntos

Jingjing Macada... T

09 abr 2013

My family & I arrived at the Galineus around 1045 on April 06, 2013. We called the number of the hotel from the booking reservation, it was not working. So we called the number posted outside the building number- Viviana answered it. She met us 10-15 minutes after. She said, the room was not ready. She said to come back around noon. How come the room was not ready? The booking reservation stated check in after 1100? Though we were very tired, we followed what she said to come back at noon after we ate lunch.... The room that she pointed was still locked, and there were people staying in that room. So, we went for a walk again hoping that those people will eventually check out. We came back to the apartment around 1500, the people in the room stated- they are not checking out? What kind of reservation was that? So we called Viviana's number again, she was not there. It was Henry- her assistant answered us, confused? with an attitude? that we can't wait because the room was not ready? they would find a room? and cleaned it? I have 2 kids who were crying tired..... And there we were, no place to stay and rest? What's the point of early reservation? And now, they are telling the booking company that we were no show? That's my horrible experience from that bed & breakfast chain..... Now I have to pay for cancellation fee? Wherein they were the one who breach the contract for not making the room available for us? I already paid twice as much money for the second/back up hotel that we found because B&B Gallieneus failed to have a room available for us.
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2.0 puntos


18 nov 2013

This place was a big let down. The location and wifi was the only decent thing about it. So if you only want a hotel for those two reasons then you won't be disappointed. The service was average and the staff barely spoke English. Our first night we stayed the hot water did not work, there was rubbish still in the bathroom shower and in the bins, the cutlery was still dirty from previous guests and there was nothing to cook with either. No kettle to make coffee or tea. The toilet made a loud prolonged noise after it was flushed and the apartment block was extremely noisy all night you could hear banging and shouting from other rooms and in the stairwell. There is no front desk reception it is literally an apartment building without any sign out front or way of locating the place unless you have a taxi driver who knows exactly where to drop you off. They moved us from our two bedroom apartment to a one bedroom apartment (we had 3 people with us altogether) so the third person had to sleep on the floor on a mattress in the living room. This was because they couldn't fix the hot water issue in the first room they had put us in. Then when it came to check out they tried to charge us the same price for a two bedroom apartment as the one bedroom apartment. We paid and left pretty annoyed. It's lucky the city of Rome itself made up for it. We then got an email after paying in full and checking out saying we hadn't showed up and been charged a cancellation fee of 300 euros. We ended up contacting the hotel and not having to pay it as it was a mistake on their half but it really was not a pleasant thing to have to deal with after leaving. I would not recommend staying here but I would definitely recommend doing a bike tour best way to see the city!
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3.6 puntos

Sascha H

15 ago 2013

This is not a typical hotel. When you get to the adress all you find is a bell and a number to call. The person answering the phone spoke bad english and we had to wait for a while until someone came to walk with us to our hotel room. In the waiting time we thought that we will get a really sketchy room, especially since we paid only 160 euros for 4 nights which is really cheap for rome. When we got to our hotel, which was in an apartment building directly at termini station like 10 minutes away from the adress we had rung the doorbell. The rooms were beautifully decorated and clean. We felt really comfortable in there and the location was really good. I recommend this hotel to everyone who doesn't need the typical hotel services with a 24 hours reception and stuff but that wants to stay in a nice and central place for good value.
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8.8 puntos


17 nov 2012

Hotel very nice, clean, tidy. Very nice hotel staff. Rooms clean and tidy. Close to town with good communication. I recommend this hotel for business travelers and leisure tourists. Staying in a hotel would rate very nice.
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10 puntos
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