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Quality Inn & Suites ★★★

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Ubicación. El Quality Inn and Suites está en Bradley, Illinois. A 1,6 km de Northfield Square Mall A menos de 3 km de Chicago Bears Training Camp. Comodidades del hotel. Desayuno de cortesía tipo buffet, Restaurante y bar, Piscina cubierta y bañera de hidromasaje. Habitaciones. TV por cable con canales premium Cafetera Acceso de alta velocidad a Internet de cortesía.

Servicios del Quality Inn & Suites

  • Servicios
    Servicio de Lavandería (con costo adicional), Recepción 24 hrs., Estacionamiento Gratis, Cajero automático en el hotel, Servicio de Habitación
  • Recreación
    Salon de tv, Gimnasio, Centro de Negocios, Sala de juegos
  • Generales
    Desayuno Gratis, Restaurante, Ascensor, Bar

Condiciones de Compra del Quality Inn & Suites

  • Horario de entrada
    15:00 hs
  • Horario de salida
    11:00 hs
  • Condiciones
    Algunas restricciones aplican, ver detalle en la página de pago.
Opiniones y comentarios del Quality Inn & Suites
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09 oct 2013

Ohhhh were to start. First off I am a business traveler and am on the road 200 + days out of the year and this hands down had to be the worst hotel I have stayed at. When you walk in the front door you are greeted with dirty carpet and furniture and a musty smell. Front desk clerk was friendly and efficient. I got in my room and smelled even more musty so this property has to have a water problem because there are lots of damaged celing tiles I the hall. The room is very outdated with peeling wallpaper and rotting window frames, dirty and stained carpet. I then thought I'd go down to pool for some excercise pool area looks like it hasn't been updated since the 70,s chipped tiiles all over one which cut my foot along with paint peeling everywhere. Ate at Oliver's once food and service wasn't bad but when I went by kitchen door to ask for extra napkins saw that kitchen was quite disgusting with dust mites all over ceiling which made me feel so glad I ate there. Overall the hotel is just completely unmaintained with very poor management that doesn't care about there property. Place needs a wrecking ball as far as I'm concerned. Choice hotels really needs to re evaluate if they wants there name on something this awful. After staying here 3 nights I had had enough and went down street to Holliday inn express which was nice, looked like other hotels around there were much nicer so stay there.
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28 sep 2013

I stayed at this hotel for 2 nights, Sept 20 and 21, 2013, to attend a family wedding. The lobby doors do not automatically open, so you have to wrangle your luggage while opening the door. The lobby was less than inviting, the carpet was torn and dirty. There are only 2 ice machines in the hotel, both in the industrial stairwell; 2nd and 4th floor, but only the one on the 2nd floor worked. The room was clean. The outlets were so old that the plugs kept falling out, they were under the desk, behind the chair, and there weren't enough. The pillows were so hard it felt like you were sleeping on a brick. I asked at the desk for softer pillows, mentioned how hard the pillows were and the staff said that others had complained. I was provided with a new one, but it wasn't much better. The TV was an old analog set, but it did work. I got the reduced (?) rate of $100 as the wedding discount, but the extra night cost $120. When I returned to Seattle, I stayed at Hotel 5 in downtown Seattle, paying $137 for the evening. The bedding was lush, soft pillows, Keurig coffee pot, real glasses and coffee mugs, plush towels. When comparing the 2 hotels, the Quality Inn is committing highway robbery.
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3.2 puntos

Dana S

15 sep 2013

We were guests of this property on August 31, 2013. Our friends had arranged to have their wedding ceremony at this hotel. The staff member at the desk was polite but did nothing to make our stay anything but miserable! We arrived at the hotel at 10:00 am for rehearsal and was told our room was not ready. My husband was the best man and had to be ready for pictures at 2:30 pm. We sat in the hotel lobby all morning, finally at 1:30 we again ask if our room was ready so my husband could shower and change and the clerk said no check in is really not until 3:00 pm. Finally a couple attending the wedding had checked in at 9:30 am said he could shower in their room. At 2:30 she told our party that the rooms were ready except our room. At 3pm it still wasn't ready. The clerk really caused such an awful day just because she could. I would sleep in my car before checking into this hotel!!!!!
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3.2 puntos


11 sep 2013

We stayed at this property for a family gathering. The good news is that the rooms are large and spacious. At least that is true of the suites. We were able to all gather in one room for impromptu family gatherings of 6 to 10 people. The king bed was comfortable. This appears to be an older property that is in need of regular maintenance. Unfortunately, maintenance does not seem to be a high priority with the proprietors. For example, the light in the small toilet alcove was out in our room (housekeeping didn't inform management?) and when we notified the front desk (the second time), we were told the maintenance guy had left for the day and would return the next day. Not a big deal, but we are accustomed to someone being on property to quickly take care of all such problems. Some of the hallways had a bad odor as if there were a problem with ventilation or mold. It was probably the latter as the carpets in the hallways were filthy. There was only one working ice maker for the entire building. In general the room (particularly the carpet and furniture) was not clean. The vanity in our bathroom was covered with cigarette burns (non-smoking room). The towels and wash cloths were paper thin. In addition, the front desk staff, while friendly, was unhelpful. As previously stated, we had to talk to them twice about the burned out light in our bathroom only to learn that the maintenance man had left after we asked the second time. When several of us gathered in the lobby (to escape bad odors near our rooms) the lobby coffee area ran out of cups. The front desk person said she would get more put out, but it never happened. We stayed in this hotel because it was selected by the local family as an inexpensive place for the whole family to stay. It was not really that inexpensive, and it was certainly no bargain since it was a bad experience to stay there. I would have preferred to spend a little more and stayed in a clean, well maintained hotel. If you have to stay here, be forewarned. It's not a pleasant place to stay and is not worth whatever small savings you may realize.
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3.2 puntos


21 jul 2013

I could write and write but I refuse to waste my time. It's just plain terrible. Run down and nasty. Had to stay here due to making reservations too late in this area. Run!!!! Drive away!!!! This is not a good place for swimming. It's just a scarey looking indoor pool and the hot tub doesn't have water in it.
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2.4 puntos

Dianne N

09 jun 2013

My wife and I arrived June 7th after an exhausting road trip from Florida. We were in town to celebrate our granddaughter's birthday and planned on staying 4 nights. Plans quickly changed when we arrived to the room. The carpets were dirty, the ceiling had patch work done in numerous areas, room and hallways had a bad musty smell, laid my laptop on the nightstand and when I lifted it up a mound of hair was attached to it. I wanted to leave immediately, but due to the late hour and exhaustion we stayed the night and cancelled res for remaining stay. At all cost avoid this place! "Yes, you are better off pitching a tent!"
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3.0 puntos


18 may 2013

Needs to be bull- dozed and start over. Carpets filthy in halls; not much better in rooms. Elevator broke while visiting. Water from tub had pipe sediment coming out. Staff was very nice but they also deserve better working conditions.
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4.7 puntos


08 mar 2013

I stayed here 2 nights. Arriving the room was cold. It took the whole 2 days got the room to get warm. That was heat was on high the entire time. At night they must turn the hot water heater down at night. Because during the day n afternoon u have hot water however at night you don't. Great Breakfast
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6.5 puntos


23 feb 2013

I was nervous booking this hotel based on some reviews, but I really had now choice because a friend was having a party down at Olivers (which is connected), and since I'm not from the area, I figured it would be the smart thing to do and just book a room at the connecting hotel instead of booking a different hotel down the road, but wouldn't be able to enjoy as many beverages... First impressions when I walked in, there was no one at the front desk. I looked around, she was behind the area on her cell phone. Extremely unprofessional. I got checked in pretty quickly and found my way to the elevator. I was a little surprised there was only one elevator. I arrived on my floor and was greatly with dimly lit creepy hallways. It was eerie. I walked in to my room, and as always, I lock it right away. The chain lock, was half bolted to the wall. See attached picture, obviously, if someone wanted in, they would be able to. Second thing I noticed were the beds. Actually...more so the pillows. There were 3 small square pillows, that looked like throw accent pillows rather than normal sleeping pills...I don't know anyone who sleeps like that. (see another picture). I sat down on the bed and was confused by the outlets that were running along the wall, never seen anything like that except maybe my dorm room way back when in college, and the alarm clock wasn't even plugged in. As it was sitting on the bed, I noticed that the bedskirt on the other bed had this disguting white like stains on them. No idea what it was, and didn't want to know. (took another picture). Since I had time to kill, I wanted to heat my up my lunch leftovers, and I go to the microwave (which I will admit was a bonus in the room)....except the power button would not work. So many people had used it (see the picture), that the sensor on the start button was all messed up. So i had to cook it using the "shortcuts" buttons a few times to finally to get it to heat. I then noticed, that the fridge. microwave etc were all plugged in with a serge protector (see picture). I have NEVER been at a hotel where they have to use one of these. That is absurd. So, I go to take a shower and I noticed the mildew like stuff in the corner of the shower (see picture), and it was only 6:30 p.m. but I had the setting on high and I had luke warm water...no hot water. Secondly, the towels are extremely small and rough. One of the worst parts was using the sink, the water that came out had an awful sulfur like smell, and I gagged while brushing my teeth with that water. I was dreading doing the same in the morning. Luckily, I was able to go ask for larger pillows at the front desk and he gave me two that were a little bigger than the other ones, but still not normal sized pillows. Just so random. The bed I slept on, you could feel the springs while moving around, so needless to say I didn't sleep the best. When I woke up in the morning, I went to open the blinds (as they were basically shut when I walked in) and I figured out why. The window and the sill is completely disgusting with paint peeling, wood peeling etc. Also the wall paper around it is starting to peel off. I knew it would have been pointless to make any kind of complaint as based on the all other reviews, it seems like every room was going to have a problem. Plus I was only there for one night.I just find it extremely hard to believe that with tax, a double room was $102 with tax. Do not stay here. I didn't even eat the breakfast that was offered so I can't comment on that. Believe all the reviews... the hallways are dimly lit, rooms are dirty and gross, and seems like safety could be a possible issue.
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17 feb 2013

Definately needs a major facelift and rennovation. The carpeting is disgusting, the hallways are filthy and dark. This one also needs some attention at the front desk - the clerks are nice enough, but can't handle more then one person and when the person in front of the line had credit card issues it was a major traffic jam in the lobby and I thought I was going to have to go somewhere else just to get a room (I had reserved a room 3 months ago and they had my credit card on file). They had problems figuring out which rooms were ready and which hadn't been cleaned.......I think at 6 PM they should ALL be cleaned for the day......... The room was OK (when I finally got there) a little dated and the windows were pretty gross. The best thing I can say about this one is that the breakfast is great with cooked to order eggs and waffles and the food selection was good and the space adequate (but a little dark). I remember this Hotel as being a Holiday Inn years ago and it was a pretty nice place back in the 70's........but time has not been kind to this one and with the way it is layed out with the indoor pool tacked on....I think a wrecking ball and new start would be the best solution. This is definately not a keeper and I would not go there again........
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4.0 puntos
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Quality Inn & Suites - 800 N Kinzie Ave, Kankakee

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